Monday, March 7, 2011

Muscle Power ARES 650W

Again, Muscle Power issued a ARES 650W series, using the OEM from PSU Seasonic SS-650AT. PSU with DC to DC conversions technology, Single Rail mode.This PSU has a strong current of 56A on +12 V rails and 25A on each of +3.3 V and 5V rails. As usual in the cooling system used in the PSU, fan from ADDA with type-A70GL AD1212UB with 12V/0.5A size. PSU uses a black PCB and of course many features offered on this PSU in terms of protection include implanted OCP, OTP unusual present in S12 series or M12. OK just look below.

Specification :
• Support the latest Intel & AMD Socket
• PCI Express & Serial ATA ready
• DC to DC converter circuit
• High efficiency and reliability
• Low ripple & noise
• Super low noise fan control
• Short circuit protection on all outputs
• Over/under Voltage protection
• Over Power protection
• Over Temperature protection
• Over Current protection
• 100% hi-pot test
• 100% burn in, high temperature cycled on/off