Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magic Clean Gel : Cyber Clean

This product used to clean items such as laptop or computer keyboard, mobile phone, etc.. Very easy to clean the hard dirt in the crevices that are difficult to reach. Easy to use and can be reused. The price is also inexpensive.

How to use :
  • Take out the cyber clean from the package. Roll it around in your hands for 10 seconds until your hands adjust to the pH of the cyber clean.
  • Just press and pull the dirt out the surface you want to clean. Do not rub.
  • When dirt is on the surface of the mass of cyber clean, fold the mass over the dirty part and the dirt will be trapped inside the compound.

Main Use :
Ideal for keyboard, cell phone, car console, CDs and DVDs, Jewelry, Office equipments and so on. It will not leave any residue, does not have harmfull chemicals that may damage your electronics, it's the best and most effective way to clean all of your high tech devices.